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Sacred Day Hike for Women

Sunday, Aug 3, 2014

7 Lakes, Harriman State Park, NY

Testimonials from participants in the Sacred Day Hike for Women

"Such a De-Light-Full Day on a Sacred Hike with
Anita Boeinger and 23 Goddesses!  Our
fearless leader Anita held us all in a safe container with Grace and Ease and
Fun to heal our sacred sexuality and embrace our Divine Feminine Selves. 
Invited by Anita, I was very happy to share and assist in this process,
and at the same time so enjoyed meeting new sisters
to play with!  A Great Day had by all!"

 -Rev. Dr. Carole Thomassy

"I had a blast of blessing.  On Sunday I was swept away by fellow
Goddesses and Fairies to Pine Meadow Lake to clear the 2nd chakra,
which is where our sexual energy lies. And which as a Scorpio was
what the doctor ordered. We hiked 5 miles up a mountain and swam
in the lake, and we all were blessed by mother earth.  I felt a blanket
of protection placed over me, and reassurance that everything
is perfectly on the point for my spiritual journey. I also learned a
valuable lesson in choosing friends and lovers. My body gives me all the
signals to tell me when to move or not to move and I know how hear and
listen for it. This has been a bit of a cycle that I have repeated when I felt
desperate in life that I've lived in situations that I know do not serve me,
especially with men. I know now that the universe will
only give me the best things for me."


"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful event & creating such a special
day yesterday.   I'm definitely a little sore this morning but I was so happy
to experience the day, the hike, the colors in nature, the women sharing,
​ the connections & rituals. You have such a warm and gentle, as well
as very wise and strong way about you. You hold a beautiful space for women and
I'm so glad to know you and to have shared the wonderful day!"

-Betsy Karp, The Colour Coach

"I feel super rejuvenated and light.
 The sacred hike was magical and glad I spent it with sisters who are
supportive and full of love.  Thank you."

-Tatiana Dellipiane, Actress, Women's Sensuality Coach