Anita was a Heath Educator in the Department of Integrative Health Programs at NYU Hospital for nearly five years, and founded her private healing practice, SOMA Wellness Arts, in March 2013.  

 During her tenure at NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC), she innovated an extensive array of corporate wellness education programs and facilitated pre-surgical preparation workshops with thousands of patients.  Afforded a wide latitude of creativity in implementing new programs, she also taught bellydance, fluid movement, and yoga to women in breast cancer recovery and women with chronic illnesses & disabilities for over four years.   She trained in New York with Dr. Martha Eddy, a pioneer in the somatic movement field, and continues to collaborate with experts in the field of healthy sexuality and mind-body integration.

Anita has delivered a plethora of health and wellness presentations to corporations and organizations in New York City over the past 8 years, including Bank of America, West LB, Cotton Inc, Rockefeller University, the You Can Thrive Foundation, NY Insight Meditation Center, the Creative Center, Integral Yoga Institute, Bellevue Hospital, the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Gensler Inc, and many others.  Her on-going work with clients revolves around increasing body-mind integration for vibrant health, creativity and heightened somatic intelligence.

Anita is also a visual and performance artist and has performed with NY-based dance and theater companies in a number of venues, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Building Salon series, the Producer’s Club, Jan Hus Theater, Iguana, TAI Group, and others.  Her work with theater, film and art photography directors Fabrizio Chiesa, Paul B. Goode, and Erin Flowers, as well as Open Door Acting Company founders, Jerry Brody & Carl Stillitano, has profoundly influenced her presentational style to include elements of transformational role-play.  In the last 3 years, she has directed, produced and starred in a multi-art show (to sold-out audiences) co-produced and starred in two short films by Fabrizio Chiesa, starred in a long-form music video (IGNONAUTA), and initiated a documentary film project on conscious movement in 2012.

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