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What is the New Feminine Paradigm?

We live in a world that is profoundly out of balance.  Many of the world’s crises could be naturally rectified by bringing the most basic of polarities back into balance—that of the masculine and feminine.  Taken as a metaphor more than a statement on gender or socially conditioned roles,  the frame of masculine and feminine renders a clarity around what qualities are more lauded and cultivated in our society, and which are condemned or under-developed.  One could say that the Feminine, on the whole, has not been encouraged—rather, plundered, obviated,  devalued and demonized in the last several thousand years of mainstay Western civilization and it’s antecedents.  


Motherhood, nurturance, empathy, community, collaboration, integrative sexuality, earth-based wisdom traditions, and many other hallmarks of “The Feminine” have been suppressed, while a patriarchal order has been prominent and established in a unilateral organizing power.  Now, the tables are starting to turn, and the New Feminine Paradigm is emerging. 

Distinct from the modern feminist movement, (which for all it’s necessity, was largely a reactive approach to creating equality and boosting women’s rights), the New Feminine Paradigm is the foundation of a culture of reverence for the feminine aspect in all of us—every woman and man.   

Now, instead of women trying to fit into a “man’s world,” women are embracing all parts of themselves that they formerly denied and dismissed out of fear of punishment or other dangers involved with full expression of feminine power.  Instead of devaluing sensuality or soulfulness as “weak” or “inappropriate” or somehow inferior to linear discursive thinking, women and men are now reclaiming these orphaned aspects of the self and starting to develop more aptitude in the realm of emotional intelligence. 

​And instead of deeming empiricism, reductive thinking or a strict religious or materialist approach to reality as the only truth, women and men are now re-thinking the old ontological and epistemological models, and embracing experiential learning, intuition, primordial wisdom, and somatic intelligence as valid sources of knowledge, truth,
​and perspectives from which to live a meaningful and vibrant life.

One hallmark of the Feminine (Yin) aspect of consciousness is the impulse towards integration.  The Feminine favors integration and wholeness over hierarchy and codification.  It is essentially a unifying, inclusive principle.  As such, women in general are more apt to collaborate, to find the common thread, to seek unity among discord, to find a win-win solution.  The typical out-of-balance masculine approach  we witness in various current iterations, is more prone to a win-lose approach, a compulsion towards dominance, accumulation, acquisition, and ruthless competition.    It is about who is “top dog,” who can out-perform, who can out-wit, who can end up with the reins in hand and everyone beneath as puppets.   This is not conducive for healthy & sustainable growth, it is not in line with productive leadership, it is not in line with the principles of balanced ecology, or, one could say—with life itself. 

​ Our current civilization has created a proliferation of material things like no other time in history.  But we do not need more material things, nor do we need to amass more information; what our world needs more than anything is to heed the call of the soul, to return to our inherent wisdom as beings, and to integrate those forgotten aspects of ourselves which make our lives infinitely richer than any fabricated object will ever do.  However, this is not to say that the New Feminine Paradigm is anti-materialist or somehow against riches or prosperity; it is actually about ushering in an era of radical re-distribution of both power and wealth.  It is saying—“There is enough for all.  No one has to be excluded—certainly not entire continents of people—in the New Economy.”

 And women leaders are the ones who will make it happen, with conscious, empowered men right by their side. 

​ Ready to co-create the New Feminine Paradigm?  Your community awaits.