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The Embodied Femme Salon III:
Leadership & the Feminine Principle
Live Panel Discussion & Experiential Arts Salon
March 29, 2014 7:30pm-11pm


(c) John Mazlish photography


Live Panel Discussion with Innovative Leaders:

  • Natalie Geld of Why Are We Whispering
  • Alesandra Lanto, PhD, of the Women's Leadership Salon, & 
  • Alfie Rustom, Physicist & Filmmaker
  • Suparna Bhasin of She Creates Change 
  • Moderated by Anita Teresa Boeninger

Fun, Bold & Interactive Embodiment Activities with Embody by Megwyn

Live Scintillating Dance & Spoken Word Performances by Megwyn White, Anahita Moghaddam, Brenda Sandoval-Green, and other guest performers

Fine Connections & Deep Engagement
Gourmet Spread, Handmade organic by Telah of


The Salon Addressed Some of the Following Questions: 

  • What aspects of the Feminine Principle can be augmented and cultivated to a greater extent in the world among leaders across cultures and in both genders?   
  • What kind of leadership is our current era calling for, and what does it look like?  
  • Where are men and women leaders stuck in the old paradigms and where are new ones emerging in the world?  

Hosted by Anita Teresa Boeninger & Megwyn White of The Embodied Art Project  

*A Portion of any Visual Art sales will go toward Project Saave, a nonprofit dedicated to helping end the malicious practice of acid burning attacks against women

More on Panelists & Performers:

Natalie Geld

Co-founder of the Society for Mind Brain Sciences, and
producer/director of the upcoming PBS series "The Feeling Brain,"
Natalie Geld shifts communication in science, sentience and sexuality.
Artist, educator, and entrepreneur, Natalie integrates disparate
communities to nurture vivid human potential. As Founder and Editorial
Director of the web magazine, she examines
profound connections of consciousness, sexuality, and emotional health.
This [r]evolutionary community is read in 148 languages, 202 countries,
and every state in America so far. Her first book, "Lifting the Skirt of
Consciousness: SEX FEAR POWER and the Integral Nature of Energy" will
be published this June by Nautilus Press.  

Dr. Alesandra Lanto
Dr. Lanto has conducted a break-through research project
demonstrating the Authentic Collaborative Practices of 110 successful,
fulfilled executive women in developed countries.  The highly successful,
satisfied women leaders Dr. Lanto interviewed in this
research worked throughout the U.S. and Europe;
represented a wide range of business sectors; and served
in a wide variety of line and staff roles.  The Collaborative Practices
they followed are described in Dr. Lanto’s forthcoming book,
Collaborate for Success:  How Women Leaders Build &
Sustain Authentic Relationships.  Dr. Lanto’s leadership development
consulting and programs for women are now based on these research findings. 
The services have been consistently rated as “highly effective”
by participating leaders and, when applicable,
their managers over the past four years. 

Alfie Rustom
Physicist and Filmmaker, residing in New York City.Rustom was raised in the working class industrial city of Birmingham, UK. He went on to gain a MSci with 1st Class Honors in Physics from the University of St. Andrews. After attending a masters in Geophysics at Durham university, he returned to St. Andrews under the auspices of the prestigious Nichols Scholarship in Physics to pursue his PhD in Superconductors.  After accepting, he soon realized that academia was not for him and opted to explore a global career in financial technology. He has worked for extended periods throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.  His clients are  some of the worlds' leading financial institutions including Bank of New York, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, World Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank.  He currently lives and works in New York as a Film Producer/Screenwriter where he is developing a eco-cyberpunk superhero franchise - BIOMAN™.

Suparna Bhasin
Suparna is the Founder and CEO of She Creates Change where she has
dedicated herself to empowering women to transform their lives through
community, her 12 C's properitary process full of practical tools for
better living combined with a facilitator to hold the space.   Her
greatest joy is watching her clients move their lives and themselves
into the most authentic place they can imagine

Megwyn White
Megwyn is the curator and mastermind around the Embodiment Through Art Project, a
group space inside of Facebook that is focused on catalyzing creativity
and intimacy through artistic sharing. Megwyn has been dubbed by many as
a "digital shaman" that has a magical ability to bring people through
some of their darkest moments into the rapture and revelation of art. 
She has completely redefined the possibilities of collaboration and
sharing inside of the Facebook medium, and is also leading the movement
around what is being called “Digital Intimacy.” Whether it’s teaching
people how to express their voice in relation to their poetry or
writing, or guiding people to create digital art that journeys into the
subterranean layers of the subconscious, or bringing people together to
share as a collective in the most raw vulnerable way, Megwyn has a knack
for making it happen.  Her true gift lies in her ability to see
into the essence of people and gently draw out that essence into
powerful forms of expression. The Embodied Art Project is now a growing
and thriving movement whose central theme lies in the imperative of art
as a means of bringing together higher forms of consciousness while
accessing the primordial wisdom of the body.

Anahita Moghaddam

Persian contemporary dancer & performance artist

Brenda Sandoval-Green

Contemporary dancer & performer from Mexico

Periodic panel discussions on various cutting-edge topics, followed by live performance and interactive embodiment activities are the hallmarks of our Salons.  

We kicked off our Salons in 2013 with a panel discussion on the life of Coco Chanel, exploring the questions of what is the new woman of our era, and what does it look like to be successful while remaining feminine.

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