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Testimonials from participants in the Sacred Day Hike for Women

"Such a De-Light-Full Day on a Sacred Hike with
Anita Boeinger and 23 Goddesses!  Our
fearless leader Anita held us all in a safe container with Grace and Ease and
Fun to heal our sacred sexuality and embrace our Divine Feminine Selves.  
Invited by Anita, I was very happy to share and assist in this process, 
and at the same time so enjoyed meeting new sisters
to play with!  A Great Day had by all!"

 -Rev. Dr. Carole Thomassy

"I had a blast of blessing.  On Sunday I was swept away by fellow

Goddesses and Fairies to Pine Meadow Lake to clear the 2nd chakra,
which is where our sexual energy lies. And which as a Scorpio was 
what the doctor ordered. We hiked 5 miles up a mountain and swam
in the lake, and we all were blessed by mother earth.  I felt a blanket
of protection placed over me, and reassurance that everything
is perfectly on the point for my spiritual journey. I also learned a 
valuable lesson in choosing friends and lovers. My body gives me all the
signals to tell me when to move or not to move and I know how hear and
listen for it. This has been a bit of a cycle that I have repeated when I felt
desperate in life that I've lived in situations that I know do not serve me,
especially with men. I know now that the universe will
only give me the best things for me." 


"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful event & creating such a special
day yesterday.   I'm definitely a little sore this morning but I was so happy 
to experience the day, the hike, the colors in nature, the women sharing,
​ the connections & rituals. You have such a warm and gentle, as well
as very wise and strong way about you. You hold a beautiful space for women and
I'm so glad to know you and to have shared the wonderful day!"

-Betsy Karp, The Colour Coach

"I feel super rejuvenated and light.
 The sacred hike was magical and glad I spent it with sisters who are
supportive and full of love.  Thank you."

-Tatiana Dellipiane, Actress, Women's Sensuality Coach


"This Program has really impacted me in a great way. It helped me embody my sexual energy and has helped heal me from past experiences that really affected me in my childhood.  It’s a great pathway to learn more about yourself and nourish your soul. Understanding that sexual energy is vital to our experience on this earth. You will learn to honor and respect your power and channel it to fulfill your soul.  Anita is a wonderful coach/teacher that is extremely compassionate, patient, and has a plethora knowledge to lead you to the pathway of exploring and embodying your sexual energy and connecting your body with your soul.

Thank you!!"  

-Rene John-Sandy II

"I call Anita an inspiration, a peer, colleague, and leader in women's health and healing. She embodies what she teaches, so no wonder she leads with such graceful authority. I've attended her course in Feminine Knowledge and have integrated what I've learned into my life easily. Anita makes what she teaches so clear and beautiful, she gives so much, but has me wanting to learn more. Anita's approach to integrated feminine health is fun, practical and rooted in ancient wisdom. Anita's way of teaching feels so specialized, anyone who is lucky to be led by her will feel the shift almost immediately."

-Shane B. Kulman, MS SpEd Special Education, Founder of Your Beautiful Child, Therapist, Mindful Living Coach, Speaker


“Anita took a group of us through a set of exercises designed to help us deal more effectively with emotions. As a regular meditator and practitioner of Qigong, I was surprised at the powerful physical and emotional impact of these exercises. I can't wait to see what happens if practiced regularly.”

-Darwin Deen, MD, Physician, Acupuncturist, Qi healer 

“Anita asked me several key questions to start our session and she tailored the healing program to fit my needs. I have been dealing with some chronic pain issues and respiratory problems for some time now.  I spent the hour being guided through breath-work, interesting movements for my body that seemed unusual but felt terrific, and Anita made some hands-on gentle adjustments to my head and neck. I felt completely relaxed at the end of our session.”When I headed out into the street, I had a surge of energy and my body felt really strong and relaxed at the same time. I left the office and decided to walk almost 40 blocks to work instead of taking the train. That was an incredible feeling for me since walking usually brings me pain. I am really looking forward to my next session with Anita."

​- Tania Turcinovic, RN

"Working with Anita Teresa is an elevated experience.  She taps into your body, mind and soul with an energy than tangible and intangible.  I can feel her compassion, thoughtfulness, intention, intuition, wisdom, and unconditional love seeping into my pores.  She is able to connect at a deep, poignant level, working with your body's movements, your soul's desires, and your mind's creativity and/or resistance.  As the founder of the Embodied Femme, she uses a range of mind-body modalities that truly connect her clients' innate healing intelligence with their full potential.  To work with Anita is to put yourself in a sacred space.  I cannot recommend Anita more highly." 

-Rebecca Spath, Breathing Room Living 

"I've seen Anita work with women in embodying their sexual energy through movement, and the effects of it were immediate and profound. I would recommend her to anyone considering working with Anita!"  

-Alison Ogden

"I'm so grateful for Anita's Embodied Femme course which gave me an increased sense of feminine purpose, a clarity about my role as a powerful female force, deeper knowledge about ancient feminine practices, and easy and powerful morning practices that make me jump start my day with goodness!" 

-Daniela Plattner

"SO GRATEFUL for YOU! What I've learned has literally changed my life! Just, thank you!

I cannot say enough good things about the feminine knowledge course we just wrapped!  I'm having a blast and my wish is that all women could find this for themselves. ANITA, you go girl."  

First of all, Anita has taken the time to study and fully embody all of the practices she teaches. Just being in her presence, you know this is someone who is vibrating on a very high frequency! It's such a gift to learn from someone who leads by excellent example, and who is such an awesome advocate for women.

Also, I should start this by saying, it’s been one month since the feminine energy class STARTED, so everything below has happened in the past month.  I currently work in a champagne bar. And the first night after taking Anita’s class, I went to work, and I just decided to have fun the techniques she taught us in my work environment, which is a dimly lit champagne bar that is always full of different types of people. That night, using what I’d learned in class, I made more in tips on a Monday night than I’d ever made...well, ever.  And I’ve been there almost a year. It was crazy. But the best part was how I felt, and how I was able to connect with people.

Also, I think this was the same weekend, I actually had two dinner date offers happen AT THE SAME TIME, from two different guys, who literally heard each other ask me! And the following weekend, I was working as a greeter at an event, and a photographer took my picture (I was literally passing out coffee) and asked if I was related to the celebrity hosting this event. He said “huh! No? Because there’s just something about you!”


Do you know what I believe it is, though? It’s buzzing at a different level that people connect with, that brings out that same energy in them. AND, it’s learning tools that you will know forever. It’s an incredible gift that keeps on giving, if you tap into it. Most of all, I've been able to really feel great about MYSELF, to turn back to myself and really learn how to make myself happy. that was the BIGGEST GIFT of all. I'm having a blast and my wish is that all women could find this for themselves. ANITA, you go girl."

-Rebecca Ball